Vader’s Vault Update July 2012

by admin | 23rd July 2012


We are still woefully behind on our backlog, and are working hard to catch up. With Celebration VI right around the corner, we are working hard to get as much done as we can prior to the event as we will be out of the shop for the last two weeks of August. Vader’s Vault will be attending Celebration VI, not as vendors so don’t look for a table. We will have nametags on, look for us at the convention!

As many folks know, we have recently added a sound option to our Affordable Saber line, which is wonderful for those wanting to get a high quality piece with an affordable pricepoint. Featuring the phenomenal new Plecter Labs Crystal Shard soundcard, these awesome sabers start at just $299!!! WOW! Like our Affordable Saber Stunts, these are a slim profile line of sabers designed for the active saberist in mind. Made for spinning and saberplay, perfectly balanced and a pleasure to wield! We will be adding them to the website soon, but for now, direct inquiries to .

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