Post TLJ

by admin | 27th January 2018

  So, some fun news from the Vault we moved to a new shop in September 2017 and it are settled in and rockin’ and rollin’. We are currently working feverishly on our Ahsoka Rebels Sabers. They are coming out absolutely epic and folks are going to love them. We sold through our last Flexes [...] Read More

by admin | 9th December 2013

Happy Holidays from Vader’s Vault!!!!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We have launched our webstore, yay! Now you will be able to purchase some of our sabers, accessories, and our popular blades at the click of a button. You can get there from clicking on the PRODUCTS tab above, or by clicking HERE Read More

Second Run Starkiller video

by admin | 23rd November 2013

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Autumn 2013 Update

by admin | 27th October 2013

  Hey Everyone! We are finishing up the last couple of Starkillers from the Second Run, as we speak, one of which is currently available for sale. Contact us HERE for more information! We also have an Imperial Knight featuring Crystal Focus V6 w/Cexy Color Changing going up for sale shortly. Again, Contact us HERE [...] Read More

Overdue Update from the Vault

by admin | 20th February 2013

  As you all know, we have an extensive backlog. The good news is that we are making good progress getting caught up.  Several customer builds will be going out over the next couple of months! We are also currently working on the Prototype for a small run of “canon” Jaina Solo Sabers which we [...] Read More

Vader’s Vault Update July 2012

by admin | 23rd July 2012

  We are still woefully behind on our backlog, and are working hard to catch up. With Celebration VI right around the corner, we are working hard to get as much done as we can prior to the event as we will be out of the shop for the last two weeks of August. Vader’s [...] Read More

Vader’s Vault Moves

by admin | 26th January 2011

Vader’s Vault has been moving the shop. As a result, our backlog has intensified. We hope the move to a new and updated shop will allow us to be more efficient, however, and allow us to start catching up on the backlog. Please be patient with us during this time. Some builds are running behind [...] Read More

Vader’s Vault attended Celebration V

by admin | 12th September 2010

Vader’s Vault attended Celebration V in Orlando last month and had an amazing time. Pictures coming shortly. We met a lot of our friends and customers. We’ll definitely go back for CVI, wild Rancors couldn’t keep us away. We are back in the shop playing catch up! We’ll need a little bit of patience as we work hard to shorten our backlog! Read More

Stay tuned on Vader's vault

by admin | 15th July 2010

Vader's Vault is excited to be attending Celebration V in Orlando on August 12-15 2010!!!
We are busy trying to clear our backlog and fulfill all outstanding customer orders as we have some awesome things planned for 2010.
Stay tuned for the upcoming limited run of Vader's Vault Starkiller replica sabers and another super-secret collaberation limited run! Read More