Combat Class

Vader's Vault Combat Class sabers are made for the active saberist. The designs in this category have to meet strict criteria of sleekness, durability and aesthetic appeal. Each design in the Combat Class category is slim, and most sabers have a general grip surface diameter of 1.25" and a average length of 10.25" with a few models being the exception to this. This makes for an extremely well balanced saber for spinning, stunt work, or dueling, without feeling like you're grabbing a D-Cell flashlight. The internal design is just as attractive, sporting a one piece machined Delrin chassis that holds the 18650 size battery cell, soundboard, and 22mm 3 Watt speaker. Don't let the size fool you, these sabers are packed with awesome features that before now, just weren't available in sabers of this price point. You get the best in the industry for LED lighting with an ultra bright Suncrusher Tri-Emitter lighting solution which allows for the awesome Flash on Clash™ feature.


Plecter Labs, undoubtedly the best quality in soundboards, produced an extremely small, feature laden soundboard for us to use in these compact sabers. Features like swappable sound fonts, configurable sensitivity parameters, color mixing and changing, sequenced accent LEDs, pitch shifting, mute on the go. The world reknowned quality you've come to expect from Plecter labs with low latency DUAL SENSOR motion detection, crystal clear TRUE 16bit audio and efficient design are all packed inside. So whether you're looking for the best saber for fight choreo, stunt work, or an all weekend Con workhorse, these sabers are right for you at a price that's right for everyone. Don't forget to browse and purchase a custom soundfont from Saberfont.com!


All Combat Class sabers will come with 3 included soundfonts (saber can hold up to 6), Suncrusher sabers come standard with VV  32" Dual Diffused blade. Plecter Pixel sabers will come standard with  32" Pixel blade. All sabers will come with single 18650 Li-Ion battery cell, charger, and blade retention wrench.


A bit about the Crystal Shard soundboard:

The Crystal Shard that comes in our Combat Class sabers is a tiny soundcard that is packed with rich features previously only found on higher end soundcards. With the low profile auxiliary switch that is on the underside of the saber (180 deg from the main switch), you have access to six, that's right SIX soundfonts, Pulse, Flicker, pitch shift, force effect, multiple boot, lockup and 4 blaster sound effects even at the base price starting at $299. You also have the ability to have SIXTEEN different main blade colors and SIXTEEN different Flash on Clash colors (color change requires RGB upgrade) at any time and a very user friendly way to change those blade colors at your whim (see Video below). The three fonts loaded on the saber will be the default "Graymeat, Darkmeat, and our exclusive model specific soundfonts. Other awesome custom fonts for you to fill up your SD card are available at Saberfont.com



*Please allow approximately 16-22 weeks +- for assembly time as these are all hand made to your specifications. As per our FAQ, these are custom sabers built to order and we do not offer refunds at all. We especially do not issue refunds due to buyer's remorse, time frame, or event deadlines :).* *Orders with custom work such as complex powdercoating schemes, laser engraving, acid etching, and shroud work, are excluded from the posted wait time estimates*

For those ordering PlecterPixel blades in HEAVY GRADE. While yes, they are stronger than standard blades, and in our test groups, have held up to tournament style dueling, we are still not warrantying them against dueling damage at this time.