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We are crafters and purveyors of fine handcrafted, heirloom quality lightsabers and other prop replicas.

We specialize in the highest quality Combat Ready Sabers, made to order and customized to your specifications and, when time permits, one of a kind custom lightsabers. Occasionally, we will have lightsabers for sale that were designed in house and up for auction on eBay or here on the site.

Whether you are looking for your dream saber, a dueling workhorse, a showpiece, or all of the above, Vader's Vault is your destination for inspirational, high quality usable art.

Contact Us at Email vader's vault! to talk with us about your custom lightsaber project.

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Post TLJ
January 27, 2018

  So, some fun news from the Vault we moved to a new shop in September 2017 and it are settled in and rockin’ and rollin’. We are currently working feverishly on our Ahsoka Rebels Sabers. They are coming out absolutely epic and folks are going to love them. We sold through our last Flexes [...]

See our spotlight saber-picture

See our spotlight saber

The Vault gives you Bercilak !

Inspired by the Ven Zallow Lightsaber from the SWTOR MMORPG, this custom piece has an Old Republic feel utilizing several design cues inspired by the concept art of the game. Using both custom machined pieces as well as actual vintage flashgun parts, we created this saber that gives a look which combines Old Republic but also Original Trilogy Eras. Not meant to be an exact Ven Zallow lightsaber, but rather a cousin of that awesome lightsaber..

Quick Specs: Crystal Focus V5, Tri-Rebel GGW for an insanely bright green main blade and a dramatic white Flash on Clash, Custom SMD multicolored bargraph with inlaid acrylic diffusion bar, Custom brass plunger switches, Hand cut brass grip section over Lambskin leather, Brass inlays, Easy Access Reveal Chassis and 18650 Battery Pack.

featured video-picture

featured video

Vader’s Vault Second Run Starkiller Replica from The Force Unleashed!

This was a limited edition, numbered run of 30 custom Starkiller Sabers available for sale worldwide. Care and attention was paid to create the most videogame accurate version seen to date in the prop replica industry. These sabers were a very special collaboration between Vader’s Vault and Orbital Machining. They were created as a result of hundreds of hours of design work, expert CNC craftsmanship, and a true love of the game and Galen Marek’s lightsaber. This is our second run, and additional tweaks were made for an even more accurate and impressive saber.

Quick Specs: Featuring the Crystal Focus V6 Sabercore and LED Driver with CeX and RICE for the ability to change blade color at the touch of a button, a natural quartz crystal snuggled in the impressive custom crystal chamber which changes color as the blade does, 9 Watt Tri CREE RGRb LEDs for optimal brightness and perfect color mixing, and 7.4V AW 17500 rechargeable battery packs. Amazing Yin Yang Marek stands provided by the supremely talented Sanjuro of Sanjuro Systems , in hilt recharge system with smart charger, Vader’s Vault dual diffused blades with bullet tips make this a very complete collectible package. We hope you enjoy our interpretation of this very special lightsaber.