Here at Vader's Vault, we pride ourselves in crafting some of the best custom sabers in the world for over 15 years. We also strive to be pioneers in technology and excellence. Our attention to detail, quality, and design are second to none. We use only the best materials and electronics available to our industry and our partner manufacturers are chosen based on shared ideals. You can be assured that whether you choose one of our USA made Combat Class sabers, one of our exclusive Vader’s Vault Limited Edition sabers, or a saber from our curated collection of partner manufactured pieces, you're getting the very best.

Here on our store, we have divided our sabers into the following categories: VV Combat Class, Limited Editions, Replicas, Apprentice Sabers, and Knight Sabers. All sabers in these categories regardless of manufacturer will be subjected to our world class quality control procedures and standards. We stand behind all of our products regardless of origin, and all products sold through VV are covered under our warranty.

Combat Class sabers are our Vader’s Vault USA made sabers created for the active saberist and collector. Designed for everything from shelf queens, film and stunt work, fight choreography, or full on dueling with friends. They can be ordered configured to your specs from our Configure your own section, or chosen from our VV Ready to Ship section. Our VV Ready to Ship section is a constantly changing selection of our most popular models and configurations, so check there often for new arrivals!

Our Limited Edition sabers are made by Vader’s Vault here in the USA. These are either familiar replicas, or runs of our popular custom sabers or other designs. These are released in first come first serve limited batches. Sometimes these runs will not be repeated, so get them while you can!

Replicas: Carefully curated pieces from our partner manufacturers. Here you’ll find a variety of Ready to Ship familiar designs inspired by pieces seen in various media such as films and video games. These models and availability will change as production cycles and popularity demand.

Apprentice sabers: Here you will find a selection of ready to go  sabers made by partners to fit a varied range of design and budget desires. These will be our most economical offerings.

Knight Sabers: These ready to ship sabers made by partner manufacturers are of more complex design and finishes than the Apprentice line of sabers, while still covering a varied range of budget needs.