This is where you'll find helpful resources like the Combat Class User Guide, links to other helpful pages like the Plecter Labs manual for CFX, great apps, and other places that will enrich your saber experience.

Combat Class User Guide



Combat Class User Guide Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56gBjIlZCT4

 Plecter Compatible soundfonts available at Saberfont

 Want to learn more about the hundreds of features of the CFX and how to edit them? Here's the manual:

CFX Manual

Saber Options Visual Guide



Here is the link to the RICE program, a FREE program from Plecter Labs which lets you REAL TIME edit the settings of your saber using the USB or Bluetooth connection:


Bluetooth App: ForceSync (by Dmitry Shtok) on the App Store (IoS only for now)


Online configuration and blade style editor/simulator By Tristan Kam



Other helpful places to find us:

Twitter: @VadersVault
Instagram: officialvadersvault

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