About Us

If you are familiar with the custom lightsaber arena, then you probably know us by our old forum names: Fenderbender and Allaerra. We are active members of several internet forums and other social media platforms of the lightsaber collecting community. We are Alan and Deanna, a husband and wife team with a love for all things Science-Fiction and Fantasy and the Star Wars universe especially. Making saber collectibles is a full time vocation for us and is one of the ways we support our family.

What started out for us as part of our hobby interests blossomed into a wonderful opportunity to make a living crafting one of a kind pieces of usable art. We take great pride in the design and fabrication of custom lightsabers. From the initial concept, to the selection of materials, to the painstaking process of getting all the details just right, all the way down the the internal electronic design. We do it all. We don’t sacrifice the internal components for just some great looking hilts, we want it to last for years of showing it off.

In our quest to be among the elite of this industry, we select the best materials to work with to achieve the look and feel that one would expect of a lightsaber collectible. All the while maintaining the purpose that these collectibles are also meant to be “weapons for a more civilized age”. We use top quality aluminum and brass, as well as natural quartz crystals for our crystal chamber equipped lightsabers. We use durable finishes provided by Powder Coating to reach a beautiful, tough finish.

All of our lightsabers are powered by the top soundboards in the industry, as we believe in the entire package at the Vault. Whether it be a full custom or one of our production sabers, we want our customers to have the complete lightsaber experience. We select the most popular soundboards available today. Our two current offerings are the Plecter Labs CFX (Crystal Focus X) the most user friendly high end soundboard in the Galaxy. We also offer the DIY centric Proffieboard which is a powerhouse board geared towards folks who like to program.

You can rest assured that the lightsaber we make for you, will always have the best that is available to us.