Blade Dust Caps

Nothing is more infuriating than putting a blade in a saber, lighting it up only to discover there is a spec of dust the size of an asteroid inside your blade. Don't let yourself be a victim of this...


MegaCon Orlando 2018

17th May 2018

Vader's Vault will be attending MegaCon Orlando as vendors once again. Our booth number is 1100 and yes, we will have plenty of sabers to sell, including Plecter Pixel equipped sabers. Models like our Brawler, and not yet publicly released Maelstrom will also be available at the show. Come by, say hello and Wield Your Destiny!...

New Plecter Pixel info and starter settings

17th May 2018

Ok, for those who have been receiving your PlecterPixel sabers, and you're finally over the initial "OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL!!!" moment, here is a rundown on the unstable effects that you can use, and the parameters that I used in the video so you can get a starting point.First, the effects. The effects are PER FONT. You don't want these to be in the global override folder. This way you can have different effects for different fonts.You have th...
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