Ready To Ship

Here in this section, you'll find selections of sabers that are complete, ready to ship.  Ready To Ship means no waiting in the build queue. These are sabers that we also have in our display cases in the shop for those people that are local and stop by.


These sabers are sold AS IS with no changes on a first come, first serve basis and CANNOT be swapped for existing orders. That means that no changes will be entertained or accepted and whoever buys it first gets it. They will come with all the standard accessories such as 32" Vader's Vault blade, Battery cell, Battery Charger or USB Cable, retention wrench (if applicable), and battery removal tool (if applicable). They also include our full VV warranty. AGAIN NO CHANGES OR SPECIAL REQUESTS will be taken on RTS sabers as that sort of makes it...not...RTS.


Please allow up to 10 business days (Monday -Thursday) for shipping as we have a TON of sabers and other orders we are shipping at any given time.